Sacred Heart Beats

therapeutic improvisational group drumming

about scott & Carey

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Scott’s career in music spans 30 years and a variety of platforms including education, performance, and recording. Carey’s work with the drums began in 2016 when she retired from midwifery, bringing a rhythmic background from general music and dance education. Together they have worked in an intensive apprenticeship within the elder care structure and special needs communities. Drawing on the insights found there and their own backgrounds, they combined a vision for group healing using the drum circle method and principles of effortless mastery and improvisational music theory alongside groundbreaking neuroscience. They are mystics and musicians, healers and educators.

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Beats is an organization founded in principles of service, creativity, purpose, and community.

We believe and teach that rhythm is a tool for mindfulness, meditation, and communication for team building and conflict resolution. Our circles offer individuals these tools, regardless of their physical or mental abilities.

our purpose

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Sacred Heart Beats facilitates peaceful, playful, and creative problem-solving interpersonal and group dynamics and communication through improvisational therapeutic drumming.

We help individuals find comfort in their unique creative voice and the interplay of it with others, families find safe and creative ways to connect to loved ones, students to communicate with greater nuance and self discipline to peers and instructors, and vulnerable individuals and their caregivers to the larger community through drumming and movement.

We recognize our need to create and be seen and heard is part of the universal human experience and must be experienced within the context of safety; we achieve this by careful selection of assistants or trained supervision as appropriate to the setting.

The joy of drumming brings about healing and reduces suffering and stagnation. We hope to share this healing experience with all who join us in circle.