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therapeutic improvisational group drumming

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Artists in residency: A one-week improvisational immersion in an educational setting with each music class normally facilitated by the instructor. Participants learn rhythmic and improvisational concepts, leadership, and communication strategies, and conflict resolution using mindfulness.

In-Service Trainings: Drumming for instructors as a classroom tool for communication, mindfulness, and conflict resolution.

Team Building: Drums assist in the facilitation of group cohesion, trust exercises, non verbal communication, conflict mediation, and for creative problem solving between individuals participating in the roles of lead, accompaniment and syncopation, and supports.

Special Needs Volunteer and Caregiver Trainings: This supplemental course provides training for facilitation, a manual and materials, and strategies for successful Implementation of drum therapy programs in settings for individuals with special needs and elderly individuals.

Trauma informed Drum Facilitation Workshop: Join Carey Glenn and Scott Glenn, founders of Sacred Heart Beats, for a trauma informed drum facilitation certification workshop that uniquely translates the necessary characteristics and tools for those working in settings and circles with vulnerable individuals, students, or those on a varied neurological, physical, or social function spectrum.

Theirs is a culturally respectful, improvisational method, with an emphasis on non verbal communication and sensitivity.

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Drums as Tools for Healing: Physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing is facilitated through drum circles and rhythm itself. We consider a trauma informed approach for facilitating group drum circles with vulnerable individuals, support groups, and in other community or family settings.

Improvisational Group Drumming: An inspirational overview of Sacred Heart Beats drumming experiences in South Carolina, its history and mission, stories, and research based approach methodology. Learn how dialogue and verbal instruction may objectively hinder creativity, the effect of rhythm on our brainwaves individually and as a group, the cost of the observer effect, and the concept of rhythmic mastery without instruction.

Drumming as a Mystical Experience: All human communities have participated in group drumming and dancing, worldwide and throughout time. We discuss the common religious, cultural, philosophical, and musical connections in this activity, where and in what forms drumming exists presently, and why it is essential in our modern society,

The Rhythm of Life: A discussion of bio-musicology, the rhythms of nature, and how we can heal ourselves and our communities through service, the embodiment of mindfulness-based principles, and shared altered states of consciousness using improvisational group drumming.

Creativity and Group Communication: Creativity is dependent on our neurological communication, both within ourselves and our group settings. Drumming is the fastest route to the Theta state of consciousness, which is associated with creativity. Learn the science and theory around altered states of consciousness, drumming, and increase your individual and groups’ dynamic creativity!